Pistolcraft is an organization dedicated to the highest quality instruction, without compromise.

While too many teach the bare minimum needed to acquire a permit to carry, we believe that our job is to help you stay alive and out of prison. We believe that awareness and avoidance are true self-defense, and the true goal is to never need to use force. We also know that when that fails there are no second place winners. We will help you learn to avoid danger, and give you tools to help manage it if you cannot. We welcome the inexperienced.

This is not a subject to be taken lightly, and you should demand expertise in your instruction. We have the background to teach this the right way. Our President is a court approved expert witness, a Protective Agent license holder with a background in close protective details including congressmen and Presidential candidates, an EMT experienced in pre-hospital trauma care, and has trained with some of the best available in all aspects of the field. We have trained civilians, law enforcement, attorneys, judges, military units, and more.

All of our instruction is based on proven, real world information and techniques. Self defense situations are most often in close quarters, low light, and happen VERY fast. Even our basic permit class will teach you several methods of defensive shooting, giving you the skills you need to survive. With the police miss rate around 90%, we have found traditional shooting methods unacceptable for self defense.

Our President personally trained with Julio Santiago, the inventor of the night sight and of our instinctive shooting skills course. These methods have been taught at countless law enforcement agencies including the FBI and the Secret Service. The vast majority of self-defense shootings are in low light and darkness, so that is how we train. Sadly, most courses do not teach these skills instead opting to have students merely prove they can fire the gun.

Our training in the legal aspects of self defense is second to none. There is no margin for error with self-defense, the stakes are too high. When learning the laws that could mean the difference between staying home with your family, and going to prison along with owing several hundred thousand to an attorney, do you want an instructor who just gives you a handout, or a court approved expert witness who has consulted with defense attorneys and district attorneys alike?

Our courses are designed to keep you alive and out of prison, not just get you a permit.

Choose the best. Choose Pistolcraft.